Photo's from a walk over Longridge Fell
Sunday 6th October 2013

The fantastic summer of 2013 continues into October with another Tee shirt and shorts walk, over Longridge Fell From Loud Mytham Bridge

Beacon Fell through the tress on the climb to Longridge Fell

Bleasdale Fell from the same place

Colourfull butterfly

There was an eerie mist on the path through the tress

The Bleasdale fells from the ridge wall on Longridge Fell

The Trig point

View from the summit across the Vale of Loud

On the way down now

Looking back to Longridge Fell

Left or right? Neither, I'm going straight on.

What are u looing at !!!

The stepping stones over the River Loud at Bailey Hippings

View up stream from the middle of the river

The "hippings" from the other bank

End of the walk and the River Hodder from Doeford Bridge

And looking in the opposite direction

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