Entwistle Res and The Coke Ovens on The Nave.

A 5 mile walk over The Nave, via Broadhead Clough and Whittlestone Head. On the Moors above Broadhead Clough are the remains of some 200 year old Coke Ovens that still have the insides charred black from years of use long ago. They were used  to smelt Iron from locally mined coal.

Entwistle reservoir and valve tower

Footbridge over the River Irwell

The hill behind the trees is The Nave

The climb up The Nave

On to the barren and damp moors

The Coke Ovens

Still charred with black ash on the inside

Rugged West Pennine scenery

A couple of friendly locals

And some more further along the walk

Approaching Entwistle Reservoir again

Through the trees and down to the shoreline

On to the path that follows the Resrvoir all the way around.

Allong the shore line and back to the car

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Sunday 15th Dec 2013