Autumn walk from Cowling over Earl Crag and to Lund Tower
Sun 29th Nov 2017

Start of the 6 and 1/2 mile walk. Parish Church on Gill Lane in Ickonshaw

Lund Towe visible across the Valley

Autumn leaves

Lime Kiln? Don't think so

Footbridge over Gill Beck

Gill Beck

On the climb to Lund Tower

A stunning Autumn Day

Lund Tower, todays lunch stop

A steep climb to Earls Ridge

Lund Tower

View from the top looking towards Pendle Hill

Boulders on Earls Crag

Looking back to the tower on Earls Crag

Next stop, Wainmanns Pinnacle

Wainmanns Pinnacle

Impressive natural rock structures

Heading downhill back to Cowling

Yorkshire farm scene

Back in the hamlet of Ickonshaw

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Cowling - 29/11/17