Catrigg Force and Jubilee Caves

Approx 6 miles - Sun 30th Oct 2016
A walk from the village of Langcliffe to Catrigg Force and then on to the caves of Jubille, Victoria and Attamire before returning through some of the best Limestone scenery in The Dales

Leaving the car park, a terific walled lane statrs the walk

And heads towars Langcliffe quarry

The view towards Smearsett Scar

Catrigg Force through the autumn leaves

The water falls 60 feet into a deep pool

An old Lime Kiln en route to the caves

Typical Dales stone walls

The green path to Jubilee Cave

Jubille Cave, there are 3 emtrances, one is to the right just out of shot

Looking intio the cave, you can explore for about 10 metres .

Next stop Victoria Cave

The entrance to Victoria cave, it's massive inside

info board explaining the finds from Victoria Cave

inside Victoria Cave

The steep scramble up to the next cave, Attamire Cave. It's a long way up, and on arrival, pretty disappointing, although a torch would have helped.

Heading off back towards Langcliffe

Superb Dales scenery

Looking back to Attamire cave - right at the top of that hill !!!

And another cave, this one is called Bivi Cave, has it has probably been used many times for shelter. No bigger than a tent inside

Warrendale Knotts

Stone wall and autumn colours

Langcliffe church
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