A Spring walk to
Castle Crag

A mid March walk from Seatoller in the Borrowdale Valley to Castle Crag and back via the River Derwent

Derwent Water looking like Glass this morning

Tracey heading off through the village of Seatoller

The climb on to the fells begins and Colin the Herdwick Sheep gives us directions

Scotts Pines
Scots pines on a glorious day

The summits are still now capped

Tee shirt weather in Mid March

Castle Crag, todays target summit (the one on the left)

Tracey waiting by the gate

Steep climb on to the summit

The view improves the higher you get

Derwent water from the summit

Tracey admiring the view

Cobbled Bridge over the river Derwent

The little dog on the stepping stones didn't like it

And turned round and came back !!!!

He decided to use the bridge instead

Sun glinting on the river Derwent

And a Giraffe in Keswick !!!
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March 14th 2016